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Bring your gear with confidence

Thule is dedicated to providing exceptional products that are quality tested and guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

Thule Guarantee

The Thule Guarantee will cover any defect or damage affecting your Thule product. Even damage caused by normal wear and tear or the natural discoloration of materials for 2 (two) years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The Thule Guarantee gives you specific legal rights. It does not affect any statutory rights that you have as a purchaser of a defective product.

Thule reserves the right to:


  • Repair the item falling under the terms of the Thule Guarantee

  • Replace the item if the damage or defect cannot be repaired

  • Offer a similar product of comparable value, or refund the price paid, if we cannot replace with the same model.


The Thule Guarantee does not cover defects resulting from conditions beyond Thule’s control. These include, but are not limited to, misuse, overloading, or from failure to assemble, mount or use the product or its accessory in accordance with Thule’s written instructions, guidelines, and safety text. Nor does it cover damage to the user’s vehicle, electronic devices, cargo, or to any other person or property.

MW Direct Warranty Claim Procedure. 

Option A. 

1. Return your item, along with your receipt to the place of purchase. 

2. Your item can be exchanged under warranty in this simple process. 

Option B. 

1. Check that your product is in fact covered under warranty and meets the requirements as set out in the Thule Guarantee.

2. Email our support center with the following information, 

   a) A description of the issue that you are having with your product. 

   b) Images and or video of the issue zoomed in or up close. 

   c) Image of the entire product so we can identify the item. 

   d) A copy of your proof of purchase / purchase receipt. 

5. Upon receipt of your email, our support team will ensure that the above criteria have been met and you will receive instructions to send your warranty item into our support center for assessment. 

6. Upon receipt of your item, our support team will evaluate the item and advise of the best resolution. This may include repair, direct replacement or replacement of a similar item if yours is no longer available. 

7. Please allow up to 5 business days for a response to any Warranty Claim email. 

8. Please allow up to 5 business days for product review and assessment from the time that we receive your item. 


Connexia &
Skytag Products

Connexia and Skytag products are covered by a 12 month warranty in Australia. If you believe you have a valid warranty claim, please return your item along with your proof of purchase to the place you bought it from and you will be entitled to an exchange. If you are unable to get to the place of purchase, please contact us at and we can advise where to post your item to. All claims require a copy of the proof of purchase for processing. 

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